W Bro John Ryan WM 2015

John was initiated into Marlow Bridge Lodge on 7th March 1980, subsequently passed to the second degree on 1st May 1981 and finally raised to the third degree on 4th December 1981. At our Installation meeting on 6th February 2015, John was installed into the Masters Chair by W. Bro. Matt Garnham, for the second time in his long and illustrious Masonic career.

During the formative years of the Marlow Bridge Lodge, the officers of the lodge were mostly founder members, and it was not until 3rd February 1984, that our first initiate, W. Bro. David Hobbs, became Master. John was installed as Master of Marlow Bridge, for the first time on 5th February 1988, and became the second initiate of the lodge, to attain the chair of King Solomon.

Once out of the chair in 1989, John continued to serve the lodge in a number of different ways. In 1990 he became Charity Steward for four years. John then served as ADC [Assistant Director of Ceremonies] for a couple of years and in 1996 John became Director of Ceremonies again for a further two years. In 2007 John became Lodge Treasurer, a position he then held for five years ensuring as a Lodge we were financially stable. Throughout all his time with Marlow Bridge, he has continued to be an active supporting member within the Lodge and the Lodge of Instruction.

At our meeting on 6th March 2015, apart from conducting an initiation ceremony, John also attained his 35th year as a Buckinghamshire Mason, a milestone he is very proud of. Marlow Bridge Lodge, has always been, a very important part of John’s life and he has been honored as a Mason, in many ways, with several Provincial promotions, namely:-

  • 23rd October 1989 Provincial Grand Steward
  • 6th October 1992 Past Provincial Junior Grand Deacon
  • 27th October 1997 Past Provincial Grand Superintendant of Works
  • 27th October 2003 Past Provincial Grand Registrar
  • 26th October 2009 Past Provincial Junior Grand Warden

As my Mother Lodge, Marlow Bridge, holds a very special place in my heart, I am proud to be a member of such a vibrant and progressive lodge. As the years have gone by, I have grown and developed within the lodge, and become an integral part of it’s wonderful history.

W. Bro. John Ryan