W Bro Matt Garnham WM 2014Born in High Wycombe, Matt has always been a local boy living in South Buckinghamshire other than living for a short spell in Paris, France and whilst at University in Loughborough.

His Grandfather, Dr John Garnham was a member of Marlow Bride Lodge for many years having joined the Marlow Bridge Lodge in 1980 . W Bro Dr John Garnham was installed as Master of Marlow Bridge Lodge in 1989. 25 years later, almost to the day, Matt would be installed as the current youngest Master in Buckinghamshire (possibly ever) at the tender age of 26.

Special dispensation was required from the Provincial Grand Lodge of Buckinghamshire to allow Matt to be initiated into Marlow Bridge at 18 (usual age of 21) due to the ill health of his Grandfather. W Bro Dr John Garnham proposed Matt to the lodge and he was seconded by W Bro Dr John Rawstron who is a long-term family friend of the Garnham family. Matt was initiated on 4th November 2005, passed to the 2nd degree on 3rd November 2006 and raised to the 3rd degree on 11th May 2007 the day before his 20th birthday. Sadly, his Grandfather is no longer with us, but he was always very proud to see his first Grandson join his Freemason’s Lodge.