The Early Days

The Founder Secretary of the lodge was W Bro Crispin Reeve who together with W Bro Teddy Weaver played a large part in the conception and ultimate forming of the new lodge.  One of the main reasons for forming this new lodge was that a number of masons who were members of London Lodges had moved to the Marlow area and wished to continue their Masonic careers in Buckinghamshire; there were also waiting lists for potential candidates in Marlow Lodge.

So from an initial meeting in January 1974 and after 12 months of hard work the Marlow Bridge Lodge was consecrated on the 16th January 1975.

The consecration ceremony was headed by the Prov. Grand Master W Bro Sir Ralph Verney and assisted by other members of the Province. The meeting was attended by 104 members and guests.

We are fortunate to currently have 2 founder members of the Lodge

  • W Bro Cecil Freeman who was Acting I.P.M. at the first meeting
  • W Bro Dr John Rawstron          Assistant Secretary

The annual subscription was £15 per annum and dining Fees £2.50 including wine.

During the first year a number of initiates and joining members swelled the ranks and to complement that work in the temple the December 1975 meeting saw the arrival and dedication of the new Lodge Banner.

A number of other items were donated by members during the early years

  • A Loving Cup from the Brothers Cecil & Doug Freeman
  • A painting of 1st Degree Tracing Board by Bro Alan Joel
  • An Apron Cushion from from W Bro Arthur Wood
  • A Bible Cushion from Mrs Fender
  • A full set of Working Tools & Case from Bro John White
  • Plus many more most of which are still in use to this day

W. Bro. Chris Upton has written an interesting article about the name of our lodge – What’s in a name?