My First Year in Masonry

I was first introduced to Freemasonry by a very good friend and attended the white table last Christmas 2014. I had a very enjoyable evening and a good amount was raised for Charity, it was clear how much everyone enjoyed the evening. A long time ago one of my relations was a Freemason, but I […]

W. Bro. John Ryan’s Views on Freemasonry

I was introduced into Freemasonry in 1979 by two founders of the lodge, W.bro. Cecil Freeman and Bro. Len Goodway. The former was a business acquaintance and the latter a work colleague, both of whom I had known for a number of years. There was also a distant family connection to Freemasonry, as I had […]

A Visit to Bristol

I have been a Freemason for over 10 years and often heard talk of the special workings of Bristol masons. When our lodge Secretary circulated information about a forth coming visit to attend a 3rd degree at a Bristol lodge on Saturday December the 7th, I was keen on signing up for it. As it […]

W Bro Cohan’s Views on Freemasonry

I was introduced to Freemasonry in 2000 by my brother in law, who at the time, because of the way the organisation operated (with a higher degree of secrecy), couldn’t actually tell me anything about what was involved or expected of me. What he did say was “if you like a little ceremony, if you […]